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November 07, 2003


A female reader has problems with finding the correct concealed carry method. Can we help her?

Guys, we have a call for help that we should heed.

A reader named Persnickety has very kindly left a comment to this post. She has some problems when it comes to concealed carry, and she'd like some advice.

"I don't know how to carry!! I'm 5'3", flat-chested and a bit pudgy & so far, nothing works. The poochie/thunderwear/smartcarry makes me look 5 months pregnant and the gun STILL prints. With bigger bosoms, my shirt would stick out farther and I'd be okay, but alas . ."

The question to springs to mind is: have you tried a fanny pack? Just about any fanny pack would do, and it would be more secure than a purse. Here's some from Uncle Mike's that would fit the bill without hitting you with too big of a bill.

Something else that might help is a inside the pocket holster. They're little pouches or wallets that fit around the gun so it won't print while inside your pocket. It's just the thing if you like pants with roomy pockets.

There are, of course, shoulder holsters. These are best of you have a big gun you want to carry concealed, but it also means that you always have to wear a jacket of some kind.

If the idea of wearing a jacket doesn't bother you but shoulder holsters just aren't your thing, you might consider a belt slide holster. It will fit comfortably in the small of your back, riding high so as to minimize the profile, and a jacket from a business suit should cover it.

But you should go to the gun store with your gun unloaded and in a hard case, and ask to try them before buying.

"Ankle holsters don't seem terribly accessible, and don't you have to have one on each side so you don't get lopsided?"

This is a very good question since it shows the two major drawbacks to ankle holsters. They aren't very accessible so forget the quick draw stuff. But, as long as you're wearing long pants with reasonably ample cuffs, no one will ever know it's there. (Make sure that you get pants that are long enough so the cuff doesn't ride up too far when you sit down and reveal your gun, of course.)

The second problem is one of comfort. There's no denying that having a two pound weight down on one ankle is not natural, and it takes some time to get used to it. I just tried it out here at home with an ankle holster I got from a cop buddy who didn't want it anymore, and it makes you feel like you have a really big limp. The foot with the gun on it wants to kick out when you take a step. But while uncomfortable it's not something that would be too bad after awhile.

"You wouldn't happen to know any flat-chested females that successfully carry, would you?"

I have known a few. They all favored carrying their guns in the small of their backs.

Anyway, that's my advice for what it's worth. If anyone has any other ideas, even to say thta I have no idea what's going on, please leave a comment on this blog. If you decide to leave one here I'll try to forward it to Persnickety.

Posted by James Rummel