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December 30, 2003

ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok Review

I purchased a ClipDraw for my Glock 30.

It is easy to install and quite convenient. Those folks at ClipDraw thought of everything. I was leery of carrying the Glock with the trigger uncovered, as I am with any gun that has a trigger pull that is that light (about 5 pounds), because if it somehow managed to go off thereíd be no future little uncles since I tend to carry in the front of my pants. I would carry my Sig 229 with the trigger uncovered because the trigger pull is much heavier (about 12 pounds) and less likely to be accidentally pulled. Never fear, ClipDraw to the rescue.

I also purchased the handy Saf-T-Blok. The Saf-T-Blok fits snuggly behind the trigger and prevents the trigger from being drawn rearward. This is almost as good as covering the trigger with traditional holsters. The Saf-T-Blok can also have a lock run through it to act as a child safety lock. Additionally, the Saf-T-Blok can prevent your gun from being used against you. Most people donít know what a Saf-T-Blok is nor do they know how to pop it out. The Saf-T-Blok also adds zero to the amount of time it takes to draw and fire as you can pop it out on the draw.

The great thing about this combination is that you donít have the added bulk of a holster. This added bulk could lead to a pistol printing (i.e., the imprint being seen through your clothing). I can (and have) carried the ClipDraw equipped Glock while wearing jeans and a t-shirt since the holster doesnít add bulk. It is difficult for us skinny guys to carry without printing and I am glad a product is available that solves this problem without me having to wear sweaters and jackets in warmer weather. However, given Glockís light trigger pull Iíd have to recommend getting the Saf-T-Blok as well.

The ClipDraw is available for makes and models of popular semiautomatic handguns and revolvers. A definite must have.

Posted by SayUncle