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January 15, 2004

Magazine Spring Maintenance

With respect to magazines, there are two schools of thought for the care of the springs.

The first being that you only partially fill the magazine (i.e., only keep ten rounds in your fifteen round capacity magazine); the second being rotation.

I find from experience that the first method doesn’t work very well. The springs tend to wear out even though they are not fully compressed. I prefer the rotation method. For each gun, you should own a minimum of two magazines. Keep one magazine loaded for a month or two then switch to the other. The release of pressure from the spring will ensure that the magazine springs last longer.

If you like to keep two magazines loaded, simply purchase a third and keep two loaded and one unloaded. Alternate the unloaded magazine every month. Each magazine should spend two months loaded and one month unloaded.

And remember to clean your magazines when you clean your gun. Magazines will last a long time if kept clean and with the price of some pre-ban, regular capacity magazines it's well worth the time. Springs are cheap, those pre-bans aren't.

Posted by SayUncle