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January 15, 2004

ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok Review - Part 2 at the range

I reviewed the ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok earlier here. This is a follow up to that post:

I went to the range yesterday with Rich and we fired the Glock 30 with the ClipDraw. The ClipDraw made the slide difficult to rack because it covers the serrations on the slide. It was difficult to rack because you couldn't get a grip. This problem could be solved if the folks at ClipDraw would put serrations on the outer edge of the device. We had to rack the slide by gripping it at the front. This is only a minor nuisance and I still stand by the product.

The other issue is that to disassemble the gun for cleaning, the ClipDraw had to be removed. This fact is not illustrated in the literature accompanying the product. I am still very happy with the ClipDraw in terms of providing an incredible means of carrying a gun with the utmost in concealability. Do not let this be a factor if you're contemplating buying one. The benefits in concealability make up for this minor inconvenience.

Posted by SayUncle