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February 03, 2004

Part 1: Introduction

I talked with Mr. Uncle about doing a series of articles detailing my experiences as I moved towards getting a Concealed Carry Permit in Tennessee.

There's a pretty high intimidation factor going on here, and I'm glad I've had the advice of Uncle and Les and other gun owners who've stepped right up and helped me with each step. But one of the things I was looking for on the web was a step by step kind of break down of what was involved in buying a hand gun, how to shoot it, where to go to practice, what kinds of guns I should look at and so on.

Now there are plenty of resources on the web for some of this stuff, but it's allwritten from the perspective of long time owners and shooters, who sometimes can forget how ignorant and nervous a first timer can be. (I don't mean ignorant in a bad way, but in it's original meaning of lacking knowledge. My knowledge of handguns two months ago consisted solely of bad TV and movies.)

And so this series of posts was born. As I take each step towards my CCP, I'll detail it here, along with any information I pick up along the way. I hope it will help future newbies over that initial hump and into what I'm rapidly discovering is a fun and exciting hobby, as well as an important part of being an American citizen.

Posted by Rich