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August 07, 2004

A Question

My favored weapon has always been the 12 guage shotgun. Load it up with different ammunition and it's suitable for different tasks. 3" Magnum deer slugs for big game, bird shot for small critters. Tailor the load for the job at hand.

I like taking my Winchester 1300 along when I go hiking. It's the perfect survival tool, and with some signal flares it even makes for a handy way to get some help.

The problem is one of length. It's just very difficult to fit that big ol' shotgun into the pack even after I installed an after market folding stock. The shells take up a fair amount of space as well.

A few years ago I heard about a new shotgun that was being sold down in South America. The shells were at least 1 inch shorter than standard, mainly because they had disposed of the big plastic wad and used a simple disk to keep the powder and load seperate. The only problem is that I haven't come across anything about them since.

Does anyone out there know what I'm referring to? I've been doing some Google searches and haven't come across anything so far. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not in the market for a shotgun now, but I would like to check it out for a possible future purchase.

Posted by James Rummel