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December 15, 2004

I'm Always Way Behind

So I'm going through my old Email messages, cleaning out the tray, when I come across a message from Benjamin at Reasonable Nut. I meant to link to his post way back in October when I first received it, but I forgot.

Oh, well. Better late than never. Even if it's really, really late.

It all started with this post that had written, talking about an incident where the miniature flashlight I carry around scared an intruder off without my ever having to confront the trespasser. Benjamin then went out and collected several links on the topic.

Head of Head's Bunker Blog fame discusses a similar incident, and he mentions is own defensive gear. Good suggestions from someone who's thought it out.

Geek With a .45 relates how he came to understand what I've been telling my students for years: the correct mini-flash can be used as a self defense weapon. (He found this out by trying the flashlight out on himself, but haven't we all tried that at one time or another?)

Finally, Cowboy Blob mentions his own experience with lights and how it's not a bad idea to simply attach the light to the gun.

Posted by James Rummel