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August 15, 2005

AK Upgrade

This was my WASR-10:
commie gun

Well, I couldn't go having a gun in post-ban configuration since there's no longer a ban so I added an evil, black folding stock. More importantly, I added a fine rail mount from UltiMAK (thanks to Kim for the pointer). I got this model. It's awesome. It fixes the two problems most AK mounts have because it mounts to the barrel and locks tightly.

Most AK mounts mount to the receiver cover, which sucks because that thing is too loose. Or they mount to side of the receiver, which sucks because it puts the sight at an awkward location; the sight loses zero when removed; and it doesn't maintain alignment with the barrel.

I also put a TacPoint scope on it (a detailed review of the TacPoint can be found here). I went with the TacPoint because it gets good reviews, is moderately priced (about $140 compared to an Aimpoint or EOTech which run about three bills) and is quite accurate. It holds a zero and is reportedly as accurate as other red dot optics, though not as durable nor is it as water resistant. And its battery life is significantly shorter.

Here it is after (all viced up since I'd just finished it - and, yes, I had to use the big hammer):

After I got it mounted, I grabbed the gun by the sight and shook the living hell out of it to test durability. It didn't move or budge a bit (thank you, LocTite). I was damn impressed with the UltiMAK and heartily recommend them. I particularly like the forward position with the TacPoint because the long eye-relief allows you to keep both eyes open when taking aim. I currently have an EOTech mounted on the AR-15 (see image here) and it's a bit further back. That's good for the EOTech but a tubular sight that far back doesn't feel right to me.

I need to get it to the range, sight it in and function test it. Once that's done, it's the new truck gun.

Posted by SayUncle