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Ballistics and cartridges

A couple of articles worth reading over at CANNON, MACHINE GUNS AND AMMUNITION:

. . . click here to read article
A Tale of Two Cartridges

Despite popular belief the .308 Winchester & 7.62x51mm NATO chamberings are different.

. . . click here to read article
Firing In Eights

Things you should know about the proper feeding of an M1 Garand

. . . click here to read article
Range Report: Bulgarian Makarov

I picked up a Bulgarian Makarov (Ma-KA-rov, I understand) pistol chambered in 9x18 (some Maks are chambered in the .380ACP caliber, but not mine.)

The 9x18 round is about halfway in power between the .380 ACP (wimpy) and the 9x19/9mm Luger/Parabellum/ad-nauseam (barely adequate Europellet.)

So why did I buy a Mak?

. . . click here to read article