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Saiga Conversion

An excellent how to for converting a Saiga into a pistol grip configuration, as well as converting it to accept standard AK47 magazines, can be found here.

I'm Always Way Behind

So I'm going through my old Email messages, cleaning out the tray, when I come across a message from Benjamin at Reasonable Nut. I meant to link to his post way back in October when I first received it, but I forgot.

Oh, well. Better late than never. Even if it's really, really late.

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Semi-Automatic firearms were not designed for the Military

Corrected History
Much of the hype coming from the mainsteam media and anti-gun types centers around the premise that semi-automatic (self-loading) firearms were not designed for nor meant to be used by civilians. Nothing could be farther from the truth and history confirms that. Begining with the advent of the semi-automatically gas-operated firearm in the 1890's, all but a very few firearms were designed with the military in mind and most of those were of the belt fed squad operated variety.

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The 9mm Star BM a real bang for the budget

For some reason I have had a long time hankering for a the relatively inexpensive Star BM and I can not explain why. It is no secret that I have been a 1911 fan for more years than I care to admit and the Star bears a striking resembelance to the old warhorse. I have even been know to build one or two of John Brownings best on occassion. I guess my first experience with the Star BM was at a gunshow somewhere years ago. Since that time I have handled many of them at various shows deciding that someday I would get around to owning one. The Sunday of a Labor Day weekend gunshow I finally got around to buying one.

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