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No; it's not a new rap group. I've mentioned Natural Point of Aim before in The 5 Main Firing Positions For Rifle. Cabinboy of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association has a more in depth treatment of the subject in a post entitled The Rifleman Series -- Part Five: Natural Point of Aim (NPOA). Be sure to check out the other informative posts at the RWVA blog.

Homemade Magpuls

AR15 folks are familiar with Magpuls. Essentially, a Magpul keeps magazines in a pouch from banging together (to prevent scuffs and such) and provides a positive grip surface when doing tactical reloads.

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Military Surplus Make-Over: Wood You Like To Refresh A Garand?

Let's discuss (& look at) some options for fixing up an old stock. I'll be focusing on the M1 Garand but most of what I'll write will be applicable to almost any surplus rifle that someone makes stocks & accessories for.

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SKS Explained

I found another article on the inexpensive and reliable SKS. This one was posted on a blog named Heads Bunker. If you're interested in the article in it's original form, you can find it here.

Firearm Feature: What's this 'SKS' I keep hearing about?
Another topic often assumed to be common knowledge among shooters is common rifle types. For the gun nut, terms in the daily lexicon like "1911" and "Glock" and "Deer rfile" are obvious in their meaning, but to the non gun owner these terms are sometimes meaningless. One such term is "SKS". It is such a common rifle and turns up in gun discussions among non firearms owners enough that it might be worthwhile to briefly look at the SKS.


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