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Ultimak WASR Range Report

I finally managed to get the new and improved WASR-10 out to the range. Here's the post on some of the mods I made with before and after photos. But, for you folks too lazy to click, my AK set up is Romanian WASR-10, which you can learn everything about it by clicking here. Seriously, the guy's page is full of general info and how-to info that proved invaluable to me when doing my modifications. The modifications I've made have been to add this folding stock by Tapco; the Ultimak scout rail and mount to allow co-witnessing the iron sights of the AK with the red dot scope (see previous posts here and here); and a Tacpoint red dot sight (everything you ever wanted to know about the Tacpoint - good and bad - is here).

Here's the WASR in it's afterglow.

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Walther P22

Took the newly acquired Walther P22 to the range. If I had my way, Id make the following changes to the gun:

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AK Upgrade

This was my WASR-10:
commie gun

Well, I couldn't go having a gun in post-ban configuration since there's no longer a ban so I added an evil, black folding stock. More importantly, I added a fine rail mount from UltiMAK (thanks to Kim for the pointer). I got this model. It's awesome. It fixes the two problems most AK mounts have because it mounts to the barrel and locks tightly.

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I Am Not Alone

Garanditus. Highly contagious. It can even be spread through casual contact via the internet. No known cure or immunization, nor is either desired.

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Military Surplus Make-Over: Wood You Like To Refresh A Garand?

Let's discuss (& look at) some options for fixing up an old stock. I'll be focusing on the M1 Garand but most of what I'll write will be applicable to almost any surplus rifle that someone makes stocks & accessories for.

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The Pros and Cons of Pocket Carry

Most people carry their concealed firearm in a holster that's strapped outside of their clothes (shoulder holster, belt slide), or clipped to the belt for support but arranged so the pants will help conceal the gun (down the pants holster). This not only allows the gun to be held firmly in a comfortable spot, but it also provides protection to both the gun's finish and sights. For this reason many people spend a great deal of time and not a little money trying to find the perfect holster for their own particular needs.

This is a good idea, and I always spend some time with my students discussing the options available. But I also think that there's a place for using a pocket as a place to carry an effective self-defense firearm. One place that might demand pocket carry is when wearing formal or business clothes in a hot climate where a jacket would be a burden.

Another thing to consider is the tactical aspect in situations where you notice a potential threat that hasn't developed to the point where action is required. If carrying in a front pocket it's very easy to have your hand on your gun, ready for instant use, while still projecting a calm and unthreatening appearance. (This works particularly well for people like myself, who usually go about our daily affairs with our hands in our pockets anyway.)

But before I go on to discuss the details, I'd like to clarify what I think someone should carry for defense.

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The 9mm Star BM a real bang for the budget

For some reason I have had a long time hankering for a the relatively inexpensive Star BM and I can not explain why. It is no secret that I have been a 1911 fan for more years than I care to admit and the Star bears a striking resembelance to the old warhorse. I have even been know to build one or two of John Brownings best on occassion. I guess my first experience with the Star BM was at a gunshow somewhere years ago. Since that time I have handled many of them at various shows deciding that someday I would get around to owning one. The Sunday of a Labor Day weekend gunshow I finally got around to buying one.

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My CMP Garand

I recently broke down and purchased a "U.S. Rifle Caliber .30 M1," the rifle described by Gen. George Patton as "the greatest battle implement ever devised," through the the Civilian Marksmanship Program. I belong to an affiliated club, and last April I shot in a qualifying match and received a certificate proclaiming my eligibility to purchase one of these pieces of history.

To be honest, I was not all that interested in the Garand at first. It is not a rifle known for its tack-driving accuracy, nor is it a svelte lightweight, nor IMHO is it all that esthetically pleasing.

At first.

BUT, it's a piece of history, and I had some overtime pay, and I was eligible, so on Nov. 4 I collected all the necessary paperwork and mailed it off.

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Review of the Smith and Wesson SW9VE

I saw one of these little compact guns during a recent trip to the range. It interested me so much that I borrowed one and put it through it's paces.


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A friend of mine lent me his new autoloader and let me try it out at the range.


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Most people ignore the used gun market, but it can provide many low-cost alternatives for a shooter on a budget.

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Want to know how this little beauty shoots?


Okay, I'll tell you. But first there's some backstory.

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Range Report: Bulgarian Makarov

I picked up a Bulgarian Makarov (Ma-KA-rov, I understand) pistol chambered in 9x18 (some Maks are chambered in the .380ACP caliber, but not mine.)

The 9x18 round is about halfway in power between the .380 ACP (wimpy) and the 9x19/9mm Luger/Parabellum/ad-nauseam (barely adequate Europellet.)

So why did I buy a Mak?

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Range Report: Baby 9 MMs: Kel-Tec P11 vs. Glock 26

With more states switching to "shall issue" carry permits, more citizens are carrying concealed weapons. Consequently there are more small guns on the market, and in larger calibers. This week I look at two baby 9 mms.

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ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok Review - Part 2 at the range

I reviewed the ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok earlier here. This is a follow up to that post:

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Range Report: Two .40 calibers - SIG P229 and Glock 23

SIG P229This week it's Switzerland vs. Austria in the battle of the forties.

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ClipDraw and Saf-T-Blok Review

I purchased a ClipDraw for my Glock 30.

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Range Report: Ruger P95C (9 mm)

Ruger P95CIn a recent review of the Ruger P90, Massad Ayoob mentioned something astonishing. Clay Harvey studied .45s and wrote a book, Everything You Really Need to Know About Choosing a .45 Automatic for Self-Defense. After shooting a large number of guns and looking at repair rates, he declared the P90 his "first choice for an all-purpose defensive pistol."

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Range Report: SIG P232 (.380)

sigp232-thumb.jpgI'm not a big fan of .380s, or double actions, but the little SIG was one of the few guns at the range that I hadn't shot, so I tried it reluctantly. I was pleasantly surprised at what a great shooter it is.

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Range Report: Para-Ordnance LDA (.45)

At a glance, the Para-Ordnance LDA looks like most 1911-style autos, but there's a difference. The 1911 design was single-action only. The LDA ("Light Double Action") is double-action only (DAO). After each shot, the hammer returns to the de-cocked position, like a revolver.

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Range Report: Smith & Wesson 686 (.357)

If I could only have one handgun to last a lifetime, it would be a .357 revolver with a four inch barrel, adjustable sights, in stainless steel. Lo and behold, that's the gun I shot tonight in the form of Smith & Wesson's 686.

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Two versions of the .30-40 Krag are available. Which one is right for you?

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Melissa Learns to Shoot, and Reviews of the Buckmark Camper and Ruger 22/45

Melissa has never shot a gun before, so I offered to take her to the local pistol range, Guncraft Sports, which I've blogged about before. This is a wrapup of her first time shooting, and a review of the Browning Buckmark Camper and Ruger 22/45 pistols.

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