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Semi-Automatic firearms were not designed for the Military

Corrected History
Much of the hype coming from the mainsteam media and anti-gun types centers around the premise that semi-automatic (self-loading) firearms were not designed for nor meant to be used by civilians. Nothing could be farther from the truth and history confirms that. Begining with the advent of the semi-automatically gas-operated firearm in the 1890's, all but a very few firearms were designed with the military in mind and most of those were of the belt fed squad operated variety.

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Tennessee Handgun Carry Permits, Part I

Last year I got my Tennessee handgun carry permit. Part 1 describes what the class was like, along with a discussion of some of the legal and moral issues involved in using deadly force.

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Litigation Prevention

You’ve gotten your concealed weapons permit. Or you’ve purchased a gun that you will keep at your house for protection. What do you need to know to avoid legal trouble in the event you have to shoot someone?

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Assault Weapons Ban Primer

The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (hereinafter AWB) is confusing.

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