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My Garand

I'm not entirely through tinkering with my Garand yet, but I'm close. Matter of fact I've done just about all I'm prepared to do myself, which means the rest will have to wait till I figure out which gunsmith I'm going to have do the remainder of the work. But let me try to detail what all I have done to it so far:

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Military Surplus Make-Over: Wood You Like To Refresh A Garand?

Let's discuss (& look at) some options for fixing up an old stock. I'll be focusing on the M1 Garand but most of what I'll write will be applicable to almost any surplus rifle that someone makes stocks & accessories for.

. . . click here to read article
A Tale of Two Cartridges

Despite popular belief the .308 Winchester & 7.62x51mm NATO chamberings are different.

. . . click here to read article
Firing In Eights

Things you should know about the proper feeding of an M1 Garand

. . . click here to read article
Magazine Spring Maintenance

With respect to magazines, there are two schools of thought for the care of the springs.

. . . click here to read article
Now that you’ve bought your first firearm, what do you do with it?

The very first thing you should do when you get your new (or at least new to you) purchase home is to read.

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Build An AR15 (Updated 9/13/03)

I said I was going to do my part to support Bushmaster.

. . . click here to read article
Keep it clean! by Jeff Soyer of Alphecca True story: I was at a gun show and someone had a table set up with guns on consignment. There was an S&W model 66, a blued .357 Magnum with my name on it. But when I examined the gun, it was filthy. . . . click here to read article