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I was out for my evening walk a few days ago. It was about 01:00 hours, the night was clear and peaceful, and I was looking forward to getting home and hitting the sack.

Then three teenage kids started to follow me. They were maybe 16 or 17 years old, taller and leaner and more fit than I was. When the breeze shifted I could smell that someone had been selling them beer, and that they'd been taking advantage of that fact.

Nothing was done that was overtly threatening. They just dogged my footsteps, hanging back 40 or 50 feet, whispering to one another while staring intently at me. It seemed pretty obvious to me that they were trying to work up enough courage to walk on over and mug this old man. After all, there was still another hour to go before the bars closed and they couldn't get any more beer. If they had any money left they would be out spending it instead of following me around those dark and sleeping streets.

Okay, now what? What were my options?

Sure, Ohio had recently passed a CCW law and I was legally carrying a gun. I could just see myself trying to explain to the judge why I had shot three unarmed juveniles. But, considering the fact that I was seriously outnumbered and there was just no way I could outrun them, what else could I have done if they managed to find the guts to act?

Lucky for everyone concerned that I've given this sort of thing a great deal of thought. I was fully prepared, ready to go, and confident that I would be the one left standing. Read on if you want to know the details.

. . . click here to read article
A Tale of Two Cartridges

Despite popular belief the .308 Winchester & 7.62x51mm NATO chamberings are different.

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Firing In Eights

Things you should know about the proper feeding of an M1 Garand

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All guns are always loaded

Jeff Cooper's Four Rules Of Gun Safety

. . . click here to read article
Guns and Kids

In light of Bowling for Columbine winning an award, it got me to thinking about an issue the SayUncle household is facing. Me and Mrs. Uncle have decided that the world needs a few little Uncles. We hope this comes about by the end of the summer and pray that we don’t have any difficulties.

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